Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GUIs for ArgyllCMS - Part 3: Javascript GUI

On the mailing list for ArgyllCMS there was also a post by Gorazd, announcing his Javscript GUI for ArgyllCMS.

Third GUI: Javascript web interface by Gorazd.

Can be downloaded and be run from there.


It wasn’t completely clear to me what it really does. First let’sstart with a screenshot:

As I understood it, it will create the command lines from the parameters you set in the web form. You then can paste this command line into your shell and run the Argyll binaries. This basically saves you time for looking up all the parameters, their meaning and allowed combinations. It can not run the applications for you since the browser can not execute binaries on your harddisk – otherwise this would require you to only download the Argyll binaries and then use the most current GUI.


I’m a little puzzled what it really is good for right now but I think it is a different direction to what we know already (stand-alone applications for color profile generating). Extending this to a web-service that can create profiles from the user input can be nice for the future.


Lennart said...


just discovered your blog! Keep on writing!


Adam Logan said...

The link has changed, it is now. Thanks for writing this xcalib. Your blog is a nice resource as well. Cheers =).


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