Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unexpected xcalib applications #1: preserving night vision

It's been a while since I have done work on xcalib or posted here on this blog but I have a little bit problems with jetlag currently, which provides me with a little bit of extra time. So, I've done a little google research on where xcalib is used in scenarios that haven't been envisioned when I wrote xcalib.

Application #1: Making the screen red to preserve night vision
(from here: - by sanskaras)

The trick is basically to switch off green and blue entirely. The proposed solution is modifying these two channels with the -green and -blue command line paramters. I've realized that these quite powerful commands are not documented in the README currently, hence here's the description:
With these switches and the -alter command it is possible to modify the existing color behavior.

Hence, the following is, according to the link, a possible setting for disabling green and blue.
xcalib -green .1 0 1 -alter
xcalib -blue .1 0 1 -alter
These are the currently lowest allowed parameters in xcalib, hence it's well possible that I remove these limits in future versions or add a parameter to disable a channel entirely.

When all is over or the screen became unreadable, you can always revert back to normal:
xcalib -clear


Anonymous said...

There are different types of night vision equipment - night vision goggles, ITT night vision, thermal night vision, night vision binoculars and monoculars, and night vision digital cameras. With suitable night vision equipment, one can see a person standing over 200 feet away in complete darkness.

fraz said...
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fraz said...

try this for some semi amber VT fun:

xcalib -c; xcalib -green 1 0 50 -blue 4 0 1 -red 1 0 100 -a; xcalib -i -a