Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GUIs for ArgyllCMS - Part 2: dispcalGUI

In my previous post I announced that I would like to compare the different GUIs for ArgyllCMS. dispcalGUI was announced yesterday and I couldn't wait trying it out right after ArgyllCMSGUI.

Second GUI: dispcalGUI by Florian Höch

Win32 version can be download from http://hoech.net/dispcalGUI/dispcalGUI-v0.1b-win32-x86.zip . It also needs an existing unpacked Argyll for Win32.

When you start dispcalGUI, a command line-like window will appear and shortly after you have to select the directory for the Argyll binaries.

It is a simpler and more user-oriented GUI than Argyll CMS GUI. Clearly, many options are missing – but this can be ignored for the majority of users. The only thing I had to change was the display type to LCD and then I pressed “Calibrate & profile”.

Similarly to Argyll CMS GUI, dispcal (for calibration) will run and afterwards dispread (for measuring the patches). The test chart is not generated by dispcalGUI but it uses one of the files that come with the ZIP file. In my case, a test chart with 512 patches was used. This also takes some time and I had to abort the operation since another operation was in front of dispread’s measurement window. I then redid the “Profile only” with a much smaller test chart to save time. It the ran dispread followed by colprof and showed the final dialog afterwards:

As soon as I pressed OK, the dispwin binary was run to install the profile.


I liked dispcalGUI because it’s much more intuitive than the command line binaries or Argyll CMS GUI. In addition, the automatic colorimeter detection worked like a charm. dispcalGUI comes much closer to lprof (which I haven’t tried for a while). There are no cons for me besides that it hides expert options- but do you really need them?

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